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“Harrar skillfully echoes Alfred Hitchcock’s theme about how a seemingly innocent man can be sucked into a disturbing vortex of forces that lie just below the surface of ‘normal’ life.”

Kirkus Reviews

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“Read this book, each page mysterious and compelling, hiding within it the deep core of being human.”

Elizabeth Cox, author of The Slow Moon

“[T]his is a tightly written psychological suspense from the author of The Spinning Man (2003). Harrar is one of those writers on the verge of connecting with a much larger audience; this could be his moment.”

Michele Leber, Booklist

Reunion at Red Paint Bay

Red Paint calls itself “the friendliest town in Maine,” a place where everyone knows one another and nothing too disturbing ever happens. Native son Simon Howe is a sturdy family man–a good father and husband–and owner-editor of the town’s newspaper. Because there’s rarely any real news, he runs stories about Virgin Mary sightings, high school reunions, and petty criminals.

One day Simon’s predictable and peaceful life is disrupted by the arrival of an anonymous postcard, the first in a series of increasingly menacing messages. He tries to ignore them, but the implied danger becomes more real, threatening to engulf his wife and son as well. The Howe family becomes engaged in a full-scale psychological battle with their unidentified stalker–without even knowing it. Secrets from Simon’s past are uncovered, escalating toward a tense and unexpected climax.

More than a conventional mystery or thriller, Reunion at Red Paint Bay is an exploration of the consequences of guilt, denial, and moral absolutism. Harrar weaves a dramatic and suspenseful tale sure to spur readers into examining the limits of responsibility for one’s actions.

Now in production from Mintee Studio: a French-language television movie for France 2, starring Cecile Bois, Julien Boisselier and Gregoire Colin.

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Reunion at Red Paint Bay by George Harrar – Excerpt by otherpress

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